My Sweet


My Sweet Patootie embraces the fun that makes live music so intoxicating. With a sly wink and a grin, they draw you into a world of carnival barkers and nostalgic romantics, making you feel like you're a part of it all. Shades of vintage swing, country blues, folk, and ragtime collide in an uplifting vaudeville-style show performed with tight vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and humorous storytelling. It's a unique musical experience that transcends the borders of the acoustic-roots genre, promising to entertain music lovers of all kinds.


This dynamic trio is comprised of singer Sandra Swannell on swing fiddle, zany drummer Paul Clifford on junkyard percussion, and singer Terry Young, who's flashy fingerpicking functions simultaneously as the group’s guitar and bass.

Saturday June 22, 2019  8:00 pm

Reserved Tickets $22.00

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This wonderful and quite dazzling Canadian roots and ragtime trio have been building an enviable reputation in the UK recently with highly entertaining shows that not only feature their dazzling, virtuoso musicianship but a witty and often hilarious presentation that is extremely engaging. Founders and Canadian Folk Music Award winners Sandra Swannell and Terry Young bring together tight vocal harmonies, hot guitar, fiery fiddle and swinging percussion together in a classy blend of multi-genre Americana roots styles, but place the emphasis firmly on having fun. It's an irresistible combination that makes them one of the cheeriest acts on the circuit and a "must-see". If you're a promoter, you won’t regret booking them; if you love a good time, go see 'em - you'll leave their show with a smile on your face!"


Kontra Roots Promotions, UK - Kev Buxton